Friday, September 10, 2010

Day two

Today I woke up at 9:00 am feeling great. I tried to take pictures of the food I ate today to "make it more interesting" as per Christine Pierson's suggestion.

Today's Food:
Breakfast: Whole-wheat waffles with 1/2 cup low-fat strawberry Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries, and a little honey
Lunch: Tuna Melt with 12 tortilla chips and 1/4 apple

Snack 1: 100 calorie Mexican cheese pack with 24 tortilla chips
Dinner: Asian turkey burger with 1 cup shelled Edamame Beans
Water: 10-8oz glasses so far today

According to my workout plan I would be doing "Workout A" today. The actual workout looked very short and easy, so I decided to do 20 minutes on the elliptical before starting. That was probably a huge mistake. The workout was a lot tougher than I anticipated it to be. Each circuit is done in order three times, and then to the next circuit.

Circuit 1:
Split Squat x10
Single-Arm Row x12
Dumbbell Side Plank x 10

Circuit 2: 
Two-Arm Swing x12
Dumbbell Push-Up x10
Rollout x10 (I could not figure out how to do this one!)

The Rollout I will have to work on. It didn't seem like I was doing it right, so I just did one rep of ten, and called it quits. Third time through the Split Squat was brutal! Great workout though. I felt awesome afterwards, and immediately went home for a much needed lunch. 

Here's the link to all the exercises, enjoy.

Goodnight everyone!


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