Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day one!

Today is my first day starting a new diet and a new workout plan that I will fully commit to. My goal is to have six-pack abs by this April, 2011. I am going to eat better (no fast food), and focus on a target of 1500 calories a day combined with strength and cardiovascular training six times a week.

Today's food:
Breakfast: Strawberry Summit Smoothie at Juice Shack with the Mega-Shack boost and a soy-protein boost
Snack 1: 1 cup Edamame beans and 1/4 apple
Lunch: Tuna melt with reduced-fat cheddar cheese on a flat whole wheat bun with 1/4 apple
Snack 2: 1 100 Calorie Pack of Mexican Cheese with 1/2 serving of tortilla chips and 1/4 apple
Dinner: 1 Asian style turkey burger plus one small patty
Water: (so far) 9-8oz glasses

My workout today was taken from Fitness Magazine's "Reach Your Better Body Goal." Today being Thursday, my workout was the cardiovascular workout from week one. The levels refer to a scale of 1-10 for each particular person. Level 5 is half of my maximum effort, while level 2 is a cool-down period of light exercise.
0:00-4:00 Warm up
4:00-6:00 Level 5
6:00-8:00 Level 2
8:00-10:00 Level 5
10:00-12:00 Level 2
12:00-14:00 Level 5
14:00-16:00 Level 2
16:00-18:00 Level 5
18:00-20:00 Level 2
20:00-21:00 Level 9
21:00-25:00 Cool Down

After doing cardiovascular exercise I moved to do some stretching and then some ab workouts.
25 Slow-bicycles
10 Side curls
10 Side curls with the top leg out
10 Side curls with the top leg crunching
10 Side curls with balancing both legs off the ground
25 Vertical leg crunches
25 Flutter kicks
30 V-sit with twist
15 Crunches with legs flat on ground

Last I moved on to some light weights.
3x12 Alternating Dumbbell Curls (10lbs)
3x12 Front Raises (10lbs)
3x12 Single Arm Row (15lbs)
3x12 Overhead Triceps Extension (15lbs)
3x10 Lat Pulldown (70lbs)
3x10 Sitting Row (40lbs)
3x10 Single Leg Extension (20lbs)
3x10 Vertical Press (60lbs)

I felt incredibly accomplished after this workout. I feel really great, not too tired, and I am not feeling dehydrated at all. I was considering doing another set of cardiovascular, but I was too afraid of how I will feel tomorrow. I'm not sure if I will do the scheduled workout tomorrow or a butt-kicking class at 24-Hour Fitness. I am looking forward to yummy Greek Berry Waffles tomorrow morning!


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  1. Its all self motivation and keeping your goals in mind!